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MOJO JL Full Shade Install

Inside the box

QTY (5) 11” bungee balls (Attached to the front the shade already)

QTY (16) 8” Bungee balls

QTY (1) Plastic tool (16” long white plastic strip)

Step 1. Once your shade is taken out of the box and unfolded, lay it out in the sun for around 10

minutes. This will get the wrinkles out.

Step 2. Lay the shade over the top of the Jeep and begin the installation of the bungees.

Step 3. Start with the FRONT four 11” Bungees. Install the bungee through the front corner grommet

hole inserting the bungee from the underside of the shade and pushing upward. Once you have the

bungee in the hole, hook the plastic fishing tool to the bungee (non ball end)

Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 12.37.53 PM.png

Step 4. (Starting with the driver’s side corner) Locate the corner windshield frame bolt. The two corner

attachment points (Left and Right side) should be positioned to the outside of each of the front corner

windshield bolts. With the two ends of the plastic fishing tool pinched, insert the tool in between the

front roll bar and the windshield frame.

Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 12.38.00 PM.png

Step 5. Push the plastic tool through the gap between the roll bar and the windshield frame. You will see

the pinched ends coming out of the gap next to the glass of the windshield. Pull the plastic tool all the

way through the gap.

Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 12.38.09 PM.png

Attach the bungee end to the ball and repeat the same process on the passenger side corner

attachment point. (Remember to put the bungee to the outside of the windshield mounting bolt)

Step 6. Repeat the same process for the two front center attachment points. The two center attachment

points should be positioned to the outside of the center windshield bolts. Install the bungees.

Step 8. Attach the eight per side 8” bungee balls inserting the bungee from top down and wrapping

around the roll bar to secure.

Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 12.38.16 PM.png


When putting the soft top back on the jeep, you will not have to remove any of the bungee balls and

you can just leave the shade in place.

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