My wife and I have always had Jeeps in our 26 years of marriage. We have owned every body style from the MJ to our current JK and JL. Our first shade was made about 10 years ago. Living in Northern California and driving a 1998 Jeep TJ.  I wanted something to keep the sun off but did not want a solid top. I made the first shade out of mesh I found at a local hardware store. After my other Jeep friends saw it, they asked me to make them one. After moving to Texas we took making the shades to the next level. Our custom shades have taken over the market and people know that if they want a fully custom sun shade, MOJO is the place to go. I have to give thanks to the people who helped us in becoming the leader in custom shades. Jeff B. from VP, Butch "Geaux Tigers" Cooper, Mark Zuckerberg for our Facebook sales, and most of all God who gives me the two things in life you need to succeed. Will and Skill!


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